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Valters Slava

CEO, Business Development

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CTO, AI Leadership

We help companies make big improvements with smart investments in AI

Alsen is a company based in Latvia, consisting of artificial intelligence experts with over 5 years of experience in creating various artificial intelligence solutions for businesses in Latvia and beyond.

The Alsen team has been actively involved in the field of artificial intelligence even before the release of Chat GPT and the emergence of the artificial intelligence boom in society.

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our services

Run your business more
efficiently with AI automation

AI Consulting

Consultations to business leaders on AI feasibility and matches clients with existing AI tools for implementation.

Custom Development

When off-the-shelf AI solutions don't fit a company's unique needs, we develop bespoke solutions for specific challenges.


Improve your customer service with AI-powered chat systems. They are designed to enhance user experience and provide support to your staff.

Speech-to-Text Solutions

In firms with numerous conversations requiring transcription, technological advancements now enable efficient conversion of speech to text, even in less widely spoken languages like Latvian.

LLM Based Solutions

The Alsen team utilizes Large Language Models for a variety of tasks and offers support for implementation and team training.

Our Process

We guarantee that the right AI solution could boost your efficiency at least by 50%



A meeting with an Alsen team representative where the client presents their problem or areas for business process improvement.


Analyses & offer

The Alsen team conducts an initial analysis of the problem, helping to determine current costs, and proposes potential solutions.



Before deciding, clients often test potential solutions to assess their effectiveness in solving the problem.


AI Training & implementation

AI models has been trained for your specific needs and implemented in your current business process


Continuous learning

In most cases AI models improve through iterative learning from human feedback, continuously enhancing their performance over time.

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